Kalamazoo 2010 sessions

Ellen Arnold and Richard Hoffmann have put together an exciting series of five sessions for the Kalamazoo meeting in May 2010. Here’s a breakdown of what you can expect to see.

Environmental History I-V:  Kalamazoo 2010

I: Medieval Ecological Thinking?: Ideas, Actions, Impacts

Presider: Ellen Arnold, Macalester College

“Landscape and Imagination in Egil’s Saga” Janet Schrunk Ericksen, University of Minnesota, Morris

“Ecology, Crisis and Religious Violence: The Case of the Crusading Movement, c. 1095-1320” Philip Slavin, Yale University

“Looking for Medieval Environmental Consciousness: Popular Protest and Peasant Moral Ecology in Late Medieval Britain” Vicki Szabo, Western Carolina University

II: Exploiting Wild Nature
Presider: William TeBrake, University of Maine

“The Emergence of Early Fishing Communities in pre-modern Iceland” Stuart Morrison, University of Stirling

“Tails and Tales: Fish in Old English Literature and Anglo-Saxon Culture” Todd Preston, Lycoming College

“Hunting around the Padule. Socio-economic, environmental, and legislative considerations on an Italian wetland area from ca. 1300 to 1600” Cristina Arrigoni Martelli, York University

III. Hopes and Hazards of Agropastoralism

Presider: Vicki Szabo, Western Carolina University

“The Contours of an Early Medieval Livestock Pestilence” Tim Newfield, McGill University

“Moving Sheep Through Molise: Medieval Transhumance as a Shaper of the Medieval Environment in Central Adriatic Italy” Kathy Pearson, Old Dominion University

“Soil Concepts and Soil Amendments in Late Medieval Agricultural Literature”  Verena Winiwarter, Alpen Adria University, Klagenfurt

IV. Practical Aspects of Resource Use and Management

Presider: Kathy Pearson, Old Dominion University

“Looking for Watermills, Finding Windmills as Well” Constance Berman, University of Iowa

“Top Down or Bottom Up? Waste Disposal Concerns in Sixteenth-Century Nottingham” Dolly Jørgensen, Norwegian University of Science and Technology

“Six Broadleaves and a Chimney: Vernacular Structures and Managing Timber Resources in Medieval Scotland” Alasdair Ross, Stirling University

V. Understanding Landscapes on Medieval Frontiers

Presider: Richard Hoffmann, York University

“Wise or Foolish Virgins? Monastic Estates and Environmental Change in Northern Europe c.1100 to c.1250” Richard Oram, Stirling University

“From desertum to silva. Perceptions of the Woodland in Thirteenth-Century Silesian Charters” Sébastien Rossignol, York University

“Black Sea Coastal Environments According to Medieval Navigational Tools” Elisaveta Todorova, University of Cincinnati

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