What’s in a name?

We’re trying to come up with an official name for our network. The current leading suggestion is:

Environmental History Network for the Middle Ages (EHN4MA) which can be pronouned as “enforma”.

We had a few other ideas as well, including Medieval Environmental History Network (MEHN), Network of Medieval Environmental History (NOMEH), Historians of the Medieval Environment (HOME) and The History of the Environment in the Middle Ages (THEMA). The most important thing with the name is that it needs to resonate with both the medieval history community and the environmental history community.

Do you have an opinion about the name? If so, add a comment.

2 thoughts on “What’s in a name?

  1. Ellen Arnold has suggested via email to me to spell the network acronym as ENFORMA to get rid of the number in the middle. The network name stays the same. I think it’s a great suggestion. Thanks, Ellen!

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