ESEH 2011

The European Society for Environmental History next meets in Turku, Finland, 28 June-2 July 2011. Posters, papers, and panels are invited. The main conference theme is “Encounters of Sea and Land”. Organizers have suggested such topics as:

  • The emergence of environmental crises of the seas
  • Phases of conservation of inland waters, seas, and coasts
  • Historical perspectives on marine biodiversity
  • History of whaling, fishing and overfishing
  • Exploitation of marine resources, such as water, gas, oil, seaweeds, in the past
  • History of marine pollution including material flows from land to sea
  • History of maritime mobility
  • Development of catchment areas as environmental and socio-economic systems
  • Environmental history of urban coastal areas
  • Landscapes and seascapes: changes in the environment and interpretations
  • Islands and archipelagos as natural habitats and social communities

Medievalists might also consider such ideas as a set of papers relating human uses of the medieval Baltic and the medieval Mediterranean. Panels on other themes will of course also be supported.  Organizers have mentioned:

  • Reconstruction of historical weather and climate, and adaptation to climate change in the past
  • Environmental history of the polar regions
  • Development of environmental movements
  • Dimensions of forest history
  • Urban environmental history
  • History of man-animal relationship, food supply and biodiversity
  • Industrial environmental history
  • Production, consumption and waste: commodity chains in environmental history
  • Cultural values and economic interests: retrospective environmental analyses
  • Theories and methods in environmental history

Talk to colleagues in the medieval field and people who work on other periods, too. For details on submissions and other matters see the conference web site at The deadline for submission is 2010 May 3, so you will have to make your arrangements before we gather in Kalamazoo. The ESEH web site is

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