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Medieval environmental history can be taught within many contexts, including as part of a medieval survey course, as part of a global environmental history course, or as a stand-alone course. This network can serve as a portal to share teaching ideas for environmental history of the Middle Ages. This can include syllabi, suggested readings, suggested multimedia, etc.


Richard Hoffmann, York Univ, “Environmental History in Medieval and Early Modern Europe.” Download the syllabus.

Richard Hoffmann, York Univ, “Europeans and Natural World to 1800.” Download the syllabus.

Michael Kucher, Univ of Washington, “Europe and the Environment in the Middle Ages.” Go to the website.

Ellen Arnold, Macalester College,  “Introduction to Global Environmental History” (with a medieval component). Download the syllabus.

Kairn Klieman, Univ of Houston, “Global Environmental History to 1800” (with a medieval component). Download the syllabus.

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