CFP: Landscapes & Societies East of the Elbe

Landscapes and Societies in Ancient and Medieval Europe East of the Elbe

Interactions between Environmental Settings and Cultural Transformations

Fourth International Workshop of the Interdisciplinary Association “Gentes trans Albiam – Europe East of the Elbe in the Middle Ages”
Keele Campus of York University, Toronto, 26-27 March 2010

Medieval Europe east of the Elbe presents an interesting field for the investigation of landscape transformations. The area is characterized by many features that clearly distinguishes it from the Mediterranean regions throughout the Middle Ages – absence of Roman traditions, late appearance of Latin culture, colonization movement, chartered towns.

The workshop will bring together a small group of young scholars (16 papers) from North America and Europe working in the fields of archaeology, history, palaeobotany and palaeozoology. Papers in the fields of history, archaeology and related disciplines are invited. The papers should present a link with parts of Europe outside the borders of the Roman Empire as well as with environmental and/or social history. The main focus will be on the medieval period but papers dealing with Antiquity are invited too. Doctoral students and young scholars will be particularly considered. Invitations will depend upon available funding. A publication following the workshop is considered.

Please send a short abstract (less than one page) and a CV by email to one of the organizers by 20 October 2009:

Sunhild Kleingärtner (

Sébastien Rossignol (

Donat Wehner (

For more information about the research group, see the website of Gentes trans Albiam – Europe East of the Elbe in the Middle Ages

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