ASEH 2011 Medieval Papers

The American Society for Environmental History (ASEH) meeting in April 2011 (see includes several papers of interest for medieval environmental historians:

Panel 2-A: Abigail Schade, Columbia University, Reading medieval water knowledge forward? Reading into al-Karaji’s 11th century instruction manual for Extraction of Hidden Waters

Panel 5-C: The European Experience with Sustainable Practices in the Late Middle Ages includes the following papers:

  • Richard Hoffmann, York University, Reassessing ‘Ecological crisis in fourteenth century Europe’
  • Tim Sistrunk, California State University-Chico, Defining sustainable practice in late medieval law
  • Richard Keyser, Western Kentucky University, The keys to sustainability in premodern European woodlands
  • Kimberley Kinder, University of California-Berkeley, A warmer, wetter world: Adapting to climate change in the Netherlands

Panel 6-C: Philip Slavin, Yale University, Between ecology and war: the fourteenth-century crisis in the British Isles

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